See Clear Be Clear

Intuitive Consultation

Spirit Guided Sessions

I am a channel, I work within a spiritual frequency in resonance with my guides and your guides to bring you counsel with the benevolent beings who would like to assist you in your evolution.

An Instrument of Your Peace

Alignment intuitive is a session for you to understand how to come into your highest alignment at this time. I am strongest in clairaudient and claircognizant then clairsentient and clairvoyant for more specific illuminations. 

I have been a healer and helper for much of my life, my background is in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. As my spiritual path began to open up, so did my extra sensory perceptions.  I dedicated more time to walking in a spiritual path, working with people started to expand and change.  As I was working with others, I began to see into their energetic patterns and soul signatures.  

This service was created to better suit these abilities and can be more accurately called a soul therapy reading.  An alignment intuitive session is in service to working through your personal and spiritual evolution.

Client Testimonials

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